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{{Infobox Mii
{{Infobox Mii
|title = best boi
|title = Pavel
|colour1 = yellow
|colour1 = yellow
|colour2 = black
|colour2 = black

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Pavel BD7SS.png

Pavel is a CPU Mii.


  • In Wii Party U, he is an Expert CPU. He can be seen on the Wii Party U logo along with Sophia, Haruka, and João.
  • Pavel is also seen in Miiverse promotions.
  • Pavel, along with Barbara, and Jeff appear in a Miitopia screenshot in the official English website and is one of the few CPU miis to be in one.
    • He also stars in the game's cartoon intro, dancing with Susie. Cheng-Han and Laura also star in the intro.

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