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Toad is a usually cowardly, but faithful and happy character part of a species with the same name.
Gender Male
Species Toad
Living Town Toad Town, Mushroom Kingdom
Class Attendant
Body Gaurd
Main Weapon(s) Golden Mushroom
Main Element(s) Normal
Relative(s) Toadette
Toad Mary
Toad (species)
Shroomy (uncle)

Toad is Peach's long-time assistant and is the name of a single character, and a entire Toad race, similar to Yoshi. His role is sometimes taken by Toadsworth instead. He often shows up at Mario's house and tells him that the Princess has been kidnapped. In Toad: Agent of the FBI, he gains a deeper voice and is revealed to be an agent of the Fungus Bureau of Investigation.